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Xandir Fan Community

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New roleplay~ [14 Sep 2008|05:40pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

drawustogether || dut_ooc

All characters except for Clara are open~ we're very laid back and friendly, I promise. So come and check us out! ♥
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Fanart and Icons [29 May 2008|09:38am]

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Call Comedy Central [15 Oct 2007|08:57pm]
I just called Comedy Central and left a message to keep DT on the air!!!!

Everybody who wants this show to continue should call this number 212-767-8600

This may get us a fourth season!!!!!!!!
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Information [03 Oct 2007|04:01pm]
Comedy Central Headquarters Location
1175 Broadway, 10th Fl.
New York, NY 10019 (Map)
Phone: 212-767-8600, 212-846-3723
Fax: 212-767-8592

( I don't know if this is right or not but I found it here http://www.hoovers.com/Comedy-Central/--ID__109916,target__business_directory--/free-co-samples-index.xhtml?cm_ven=PA ID&cm_cat=GGL&cm_pla=CHQ&cm_ite=comedy_central_address)

I thought this might come in handy for us fans!
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Season DVD [27 Sep 2007|11:30pm]
I ordered my copy, anybody got theirs yet?

if we want a fourth season the best way to get that is to buy a copy of the DVD and don't forget to watch DT on Oct 4th!!
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bad news [30 Nov 2006|12:45pm]
I love Xandir he's by far my fav character on drawn together probably cause he's the only one I can draw good, but I do have some bad news according to wikipedia and comedy central Drawn Together might not get renewed for a fourth season even though ratings have been good

if your a fan and want to save the show you can go to http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/drawn_together/message_board.jhtml?c=tl
and post messages there or go to http://www.comedycentral.com/help/questionsCC.jhtml

Please help save the show!
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Concerns about Drawn Together [26 Jun 2006|09:31am]

[ mood | worried ]

My girlfriend and I were discussing Drawn Together last night. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but Comedy Central has seemed to drop all exsistence of Drawn Together completely. They never mention it on their channel. Nor do they ever mention it on the website. My girlfriend came up with a theory.

Disney is REALLY anal about people using their characters. Disney has threatened to sue daycares and children's hospitals because they had Disney characters painted on their walls. Drawn Together has not only used the Disney characters, but they've made fun of them. Like in the episode when Spanky became a detective, Pluto shot Goofy in the head then shot himself. In the episode where Captain Hero becomes crippled, Mickey Mouse was revealed to be an evil mastermind. We're guessing that Disney sued the creators of Drawn Together and the series may be canceled.

If you think about it, Drawn Together is the only cartoon to ever make fun of Disney. Other adult comedy shows such as South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, and Robot Chicken have never even mentioned Disney characters. My girlfriend and I fear the worst.

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...could it be love? ♥ [26 Jun 2006|03:16pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Yatta~ my first entry here. ♥
I just fell in love with Drawn Together and especially lovely Xandir some weeks ago and finally thought about looking for a LJ-Community to join.

Well, sadly I don't have any cool spin-jump-moves or stuff like that, but at least I bring you my first try on drawing Xandir (in my manga/anime-style ^^; ) & two LJ-icons I did yesterday for personal use - but if you want to use them, please do so (but please don't forget to credit ♥ )~

Gay Love? ♥Collapse )

Enjoy~! ^__^

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=3 [21 May 2006|11:15am]

Hi I'm new in this Com, I'm a DT Fan from luxembourg~~
and I Love Xandir... ok.. who doesnt love him? XD~~~
anyway.... i drew an Xandir FA in Manga/Anime Style ^-^

here ya go...

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Okay, it's been forever since i came back T-T sorry~!! [09 Apr 2006|09:44pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Yup. it's me,  from long time back.
I FINALLY finished that Xandir pic....sorry i kinda procrastinated...

and i stopped using the reference pic half-way, so it doesn't really look like the pic as requested.
but here ya go!

PS- well. erm, if anyone has requests i'd be willing to take them again (sorry to those who requested and didn't get their pic)
for those who've requested before and haven't been drawn their requested pic, please inform me and tell me again so i will be able to draw it.
I'm not the best drawer in the world, but bare with me folks!


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Six New Xandir Icons! [26 Mar 2006|09:43pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Okay, here are six new Xandir icons!


Six New Icons!Collapse )
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Xandir in schoolgirl outfit... [26 Mar 2006|09:13pm]

Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Xandir from the episode Terms of Endearment where Xandir is in the schoolgirl uniform. I need a picture to use for my school cartoon dress up day this Friday. If anyone can find a picture for me, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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Xandir Icons Community [26 Mar 2006|03:01pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Okay, I'd just thought I'd post a link to a community I made last night for people to post their icons of Xandir! I've already posted the first 18 icons I have made, and I plan to make more today and post them. Hope to see some of people's creations on there.

Xandir Icons!

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First Post w/ Xandir Icons! [26 Mar 2006|01:23am]

[ mood | creative ]

Okay, I just joined this community today, and I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Jason, but I use the alias Xander Black on many online communities, which I created a long time ago. Anyway, I've a huge Xandir fan, cause I can totally identify with him.

Anyway, here's some Xandir icons.


More Xandir IconsCollapse )
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Fanart [18 Mar 2006|06:52pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Well, I made my very first Xandir fanart. It didn't turn out quite like I hoped, but it's okay.

Very Gay XandirCollapse )

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Xandir Cosplay Part 2 [13 Mar 2006|01:56pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

It's me again! I'm back with even more Xandir and Clara cosplay goodness!

Xandir is loveCollapse )

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Squee! [09 Mar 2006|01:49pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Wai~! This place is finally starting to come alive again! I'm so excited. ^_^

Finally got around to putting up a header. *Pets pretty Xandir*

If anyone thinks they could do a better job...TELL ME! I'd be happy to put up something done by someone else...*GASP* We should have a contest! Yes?

Random question: Anyone going to ACEN? I'd die of happiness if I saw some Xandir cosplay.

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[02 Mar 2006|11:43pm]
More Xandir for you as promised!

Come in, Xandir's waiting...Collapse )
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