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Concerns about Drawn Together

My girlfriend and I were discussing Drawn Together last night. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but Comedy Central has seemed to drop all exsistence of Drawn Together completely. They never mention it on their channel. Nor do they ever mention it on the website. My girlfriend came up with a theory.

Disney is REALLY anal about people using their characters. Disney has threatened to sue daycares and children's hospitals because they had Disney characters painted on their walls. Drawn Together has not only used the Disney characters, but they've made fun of them. Like in the episode when Spanky became a detective, Pluto shot Goofy in the head then shot himself. In the episode where Captain Hero becomes crippled, Mickey Mouse was revealed to be an evil mastermind. We're guessing that Disney sued the creators of Drawn Together and the series may be canceled.

If you think about it, Drawn Together is the only cartoon to ever make fun of Disney. Other adult comedy shows such as South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, and Robot Chicken have never even mentioned Disney characters. My girlfriend and I fear the worst.
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